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    Elementary Arts

    Connecting and listening to local teachers, we discovered art supplies and instruments were slim to none and teachers come out of their own pockets to see that every child experience the Wonderful World of Art. At that very moment, being brand inspired to leave the world a better place, we wanted to help!

    Our Fuel  - Business Connection

    Since 2011 B-Vogue Salon & Art Gallery connected with local artists to hang and sell their work at the cost of 25% of any sales. That % is used to help 1 local Elementary School and helps to provide:  clay and stain each year, a new kiln, Family Holiday packages, needed rugs and class room risers. “Art Feeds & Inspires”


    Annual Fundraising Event: Phyllis Manley Folk Celebration 

    The Phyllis Manley Folk Celebration was conceived by Jennifer Holmes shortly after her passing as a memorial to the deep love and friendship they formed at The Backroom Gallery and that was shared by all who knew her in the vibrant musical community that she loved and supported throughout her life and even during her illness.  Phyllis inspired all who knew her and was loved universally by those whose lives were touched by her sweet smile, loving kindness, and commitment to friendship and community.  It is with great honor  we create this event believing it would have pleased Phyllis to know it was bringing people together in a circle of friendship, music, and love and that the proceeds would benefit children's art programs.  The Backroom Gallery is no more, but the love goes forward in collaboration with Westind Connection and our vibrant community of art and music lovers! The Celebration will continue a tradition of supporting arts in elementary education.