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    HeART 2 HeART Connection is a way for people to share a message of Love, Hope, or Remembrance that creates good vibes and inspires PRIDE in Western Independence! 

    The 2022 HeART 2 HeART cause is Englewood Arts!

    Our goal is to hang the hearts on poles and connect HeART messages from the WinnerRd./Truman gateway through the Englewood Arts District to the Independence Square, and in 2021, thanks to all your support, we did it!

    We aim to have all the Hearts hung by February 14th. We will try our best to accommodate location requests, however there are only so many poles and they are put up on a first come, first served basis. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    HeART 2 HeART message pricing

    $25 each from November 1st - December 31st

    $40 each from January 1st - January 31st

    $50 each from February 1st - February 7th

    HeArt message sales stop February 7th

    Click here to purchase!