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    Sermon-Anderson Project - Get Involved!

    Our goal is it to create a place to commune, socialize, gain knowledge and be safe/free from judgement in Independence MO. A community center that supports a variety of LGBTQ+ programs and community events. That creates a positive culture in which LGBTQ+ people are comfortably out about their sexual orientation or gender identity, where and when it feels appropriate to them, and strengthens awareness that every person is free to live their life openly, with their equal rights ensured.

    Our Committees are now fully moving towards making our goal a reality. But we need your help. 

    1. We are currently raising funds for initial start up and operational costs. Visit our Donate page for more details.
    2. Volunteers are needed!  If you are interested in participating on a committee, help with fundraising, or event support, please let us know! We also need help with general program management support. No matter your skill set, there is a space for YOU!
    3. Sign up to Volunteer 

    Committees looking for program support are Advocacy, Mentorship, Events, Fundraising, Community Resources, SAP Café needs support in Retail/Business Operations, Construction Bookstore/Coffee, Foodservice Operations