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    • The West iNd Connection(WiNc) receives 501(c)(3) status EIN: 83-0746871

    June 2018 

    • B-Vogue Salon & Gallery donates $733 from local Art sales to start the WiNc bank account with local bank Blue Ridge Bank & Trust

    August 2018 

    • Thadapalooza raised $5,632.65!  $1500 for 3 $500 Independence School District scholarships, $818 to each of the 3 GSA Clubs in the District as well as $500 to the Fort Osage GSA club. An additional $1178.65 went to the WiNc general fund.

    September 2018  

    • WiNc sponsored music for Independence Uncorked Winefest! 
    • September launched the Behind the Gate Patio Concert series with IVORY BLUE. The concert generated $300 for the WiNc general fund.
    • WiNc sponsors the Square Table event for $500

    October 2018

    • Adriana Nikole: Behind the Gate gave $180 to WiNc general fund
    • Sponsored John Paul Drum for Harvest Fest
    • Sponsored Kris Bruders for WiNc Halloween Party

     Feburary 2019

    • Heart 2 Heart Connection - Joining with Vivilore, The Independence Square Association and the Englewood Business Association we raised $1972.50 for Community Art. WiNc added $27.50 to make it an even $2000.00


    January 2019

    • Partnering with B-Vogue Salon & Gallery and The Kansas City Center for Inclusion(KCCI), WiNc raised $1725 for KCCI during the December 3rd Friday Artwalk in the Englewood Arts District.

    March 2019

    • The Phyllis Manley Folk Music Festival raised $2,700.00 for Art and Music programs for children. $2,200.00 went to teachers for supplies and $500 was saved for a music scholarship.

    • Dana Cooper: Behind the Gate launched the 2019 season and raised $440 for the WiNc general fund.

    • Sponsored William Morris for the March 3rd Friday Art walk

    August 2019

    • Thadaplooza raised $7500 this year! $500 for each of the 4 High School GSA clubs in Independence, $2000 for 3 $500 ISD scholarships and 1 $500 Fort Osage scholarship, $2000 for a LGBTQ+ safe space and $1500 for the WiNc general fund.