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    Much love and gratitude to the community we serve for being the voice in our actions, and to those who are in need please know we see you; we hear you and we value you. You are our inspiration, and you are Loved! It’s your stories and experiences that are our inspiration to make change in Independence. 

    West iNd Connection Mission

    West iNd Connection (WiNc) was established to create a safe and progressive community for all to live, work, play and visit. We aim to create a positive progressive culture and strengthen awareness for all members of our city through arts programs, neighborhood initiatives, and public events. Our intention is to explore all possibilities for fostering partnerships that support local programs in our core pillars: Arts, LGBTQ+ Community, Animal Welfare, and Community Care.

    WiNc Inclusion Center & Bookstore

    Located at 10908 E Winner Rd. Independence, Mo. 64052 the WiNc Inclusion Center & Bookstore supports and serves the LGBTQ+ Community of Independence, MO, and greater Jackson County area by providing a #SAFESPACE. The WiNc Inclusion Center will be financed via revenue from activities including a Bookstore retail experience, event ticket sales, community donation drives, Corporate & Patreon sponsorships, and government/corporate grants.

    WiNc Inclusion Center & Bookstore Hours:

    Monday: 12:00pm-4:00pm

    Tuesday: 10:00am-4:00pm

    Wednesday: 3:00pm-5:00pm

    Thursday: 5:00pm-7:00pm

    Friday: 10:00am-3:00pm

    Saturday: 12:00pm-4:00pm

    Sunday: Closed

    Hours subject to change due to volunteer availability.

    Find directions here. Once in the Englewood Arts District on E Winner Rd. The WiNc Inclusion Center & Bookstore is facing E Winner Rd directly across from the Englewood Arts Center.


    Community Experiences:

    • The number of youths that have become homeless or in the Foster Care system due to their family’s acceptance continues to grow. Many of these youths are hidden from support services and are trying to make the best of life by going from home-to-home or couch surfing while struggling to find employment without judgement.  

    • During our family friendly gathering at Drumm Farm, Popsicles N Pride, attendees experienced protesters that spouted hate and degrading language from groups that want to erase and criminalize the LGBTQ+ community.   

    • A father whose trans and non-binary child is feeling under attack in our school district by its decision to ban books that share a positive non-binary story. He shared his story with us and inspired action. A group from West iNd Connection joined in support of his efforts at the ISD School Board. 

    • In June of 2022, Pride Flags flew down the parkway in the Englewood Arts District. This brought much joy to our community members, but unfortunately it also became a reason to spew hate. Many took the extra step to express that hate by phone, emails and social media posts. 

    • Now is NOT the time to be silent! We believe by coming together we are stronger and can make a huge impact.

    ADDITIONALLY, we realize that building community partnerships is key to success. Over the past 4 years WiNc has built strong relationships with area businesses and associations and we are currently seeking new partnerships with government agencies and private sector companies to build out our programs. WiNc is also working with LGBTQ+ affirming local businesses to extend the reach of the WiNc Inclusion Center with hosting events, cross promotions, and sharing knowledge of how to support the LGBTQ+ community in their business.


    History of the Organization 

    WiNc was born out of B-Vogue Salon and Gallery. In about 2008 a guest at the salon was distraught. They typically had snacks for certain children they knew were less fortunate. To their dismay, they had forgotten snacks that day, and knew it was possible that a child might not have anything to eat for the weekend! Being brand inspired by John Paul Mitchell Systems to care globally and live locally, B-Vogue knew there was work to do! So started a philanthropic journey that led to the creation of a non-profit to find out, #WhatElseIsPossible.

    We knew we could be the change we wished to see in Western Independence, Missouri!

    WiNc now finds itself hosting several annual events that raise funds to support the mission, like HeART 2 HeART, Artists in Bloom, Independence Pride Walk and Thadapalooza. In September of 2022 WiNc leased a space that is to become the first LGBTQ+ inclusion center for the city of Independence, Mo.

    Outcomes & Community Impact 

    Founding organization of Englewood Arts

    In our fledgling year, news that the old Englewood Theater was up for purchase was floating around and some community members acted. Being visionaries WiNc launched a $50,000 campaign in hopes of contributing to the efforts of the purchase. Alas, the major goal to acquire the Theater was not met. However, over $30,000 was raised to support the cause. It was decided that those funds be directed to the newly founded Englewood Arts non-profit who was planning to purchase the building next door to the Theater and turn it into and Arts Center.  


    In the past 9 years, one of our core events, Thadapalooza, has evolved to become a Drag Variety show with the sole purpose to raise funds for the LGBTQ+ Community of Independence, Mo. The first 3 years funds went to Kansas City organizations, because there wasn’t any LGBTQ+ organizations in Independence that WiNc was aware of. In the 4th year, WiNc discovered that GSA clubs existed in all the Independence School District High Schools. WiNc could now keep the funds raised in Independence! In 2022, the goal was set for Thadapalooza to raise $10,000 that year. The show smashed that goal and raised over $13,500 bringing the grand total raised over the past 9 years to over $50,000!

    Community & Resources

     For the longest time all resources and social events available to the LGBTQ+ Community was only available in Kansas City. Independence has always been full of trail blazing pioneers that helped shape the future. WiNc started a journey, that we believe is as equally trailblazing, to build a more inclusive community program. 

    “I got to be myself!”, was the answer of one the LGBTQ+ youths gave upon returning from Queer Prom when asked, “What was your favorite part of the evening?” The kids were members of Gay/Straight Alliance clubs (GSA) and were able to attend with funds we raised to support their clubs.

    Financial Support Needs

    The WiNc Inclusion Center and its programs are made possible with your ongoing financial support. Every dollar donated and every purchase made empowers the programs that empower others to do great things for our community. The WiNc Inclusion Center 2023 annual budget is just under $500,000. This includes basic business expenses such as employee compensation, mentor education, educational program & materials, lease obligations, utilities, costs of business. 

    Your donation will enable immediate action at the WiNc Inclusion Center as we begin providing resources and creating a #Safespace for the LGBTQ+ Community. To learn more about our 2023 operating plan & budget, email westindconnection@gmail.com

    How You Can Help

    Ready to be a part of #WhatElseIsPossible

    Charitable Gift Donation

    Unleash the power of #WhatElseIsPossible with a Charitable Gift Donation at westindconnection.com or an in-person donation can be made at WiNc Inclusion Center. A Charitable Gift Donation is a onetime or monthly no benefits contribution. westindconnection.com/pages/charitable-gift-donation


    We are excited to offer an easy way to support West iNd Connection and WiNc Inclusion Center on Patreon. Patreon members provide a monthly donation and gain access to our Patreon community, benefits, exclusives and more. www.patreon.com/westindconnection  

    Corporate Sponsorships & Grants

    Our Fundraising & Grants teams are seeking sponsorships & grants to cover the first 5 years of operations. Our intention is to explore all possibilities. To share an opportunity or for more information, email westindconnectoin@gmail.com

    Facebook Donate Button & Fundraisers

    One time or monthly donations can be made by clicking the donation button on our Facebook Page or create a Facebook Fundraiser benefiting West iNd Connection. You and your Friends contributions will make an impact, whether donate or fundraise $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. www.facebook.com/WestiNdConnection

    Shop WiNc Inclusion Center and westindconnection.com

    Every purchase made at the WiNc Inclusion Center or at westindconnection.com empowers the programs that empower others to do great things for our community.

    Thank you for your consideration! The West iNd Connection dba WiNc Inclusion Center is grateful for the opportunity to continue creating #GoodVibes.