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    West iNd Gratitude

    We are so grateful for the numerous opportunities we have had with you both virtually and in person in order to come together and support the Independence community.  Our ability to assist the needs of the community could not happen without YOUR support.

    So, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to #WhatElseIsPossible!


    Patreon Members

    iNspiration+ Patreon:

    Barbara Martin

    Kymberly Cutler


    iNspiration Patreon:

    Foley Law KC Bankruptcy

    Tammy Parsons & Darlene Carpenter


    iNvestor Patreon:

    Casey Phillips

    Thad McCullough

    Tracy Kjar

    Meg Jensen & Diane DeGroot

    Sandra Hines


    iNsider Patreon:

    Chris Johns

    Tim & Paul Dial-Scruggs

    Dual Deihl

    Em Hill

    Justin Ferguson

    Stephanie Holcombe

    Nene McDowell


    iN Touch Patreon:

    Melody Davis

    Dan Bugbee

    Kevin Eib

    Mindy Meadows

    Kim Wand

    Mara Bradford

    Maureen Kennedy

    Wendy Kline

    Helen Hurley

    Sarah Coulson

    Jason Radford

    Amy Varney

    Jon-Michael Richardson

    James Wendleton