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    Become a Patron

    We are excited to offer a new and easy way to financially support West iNd Connection on Patreon. There are four (4) levels of support. This will hopefully provide you the chance to support West iNd at a level and schedule in which you are most comfortable.  We appreciate your consideration and contributions to our organization.

    Advocate  $10/month - $120/year
    An Advocate is a proud member of the community and advocate for West iNd within their neighborhood.

    Volunteer  $25/month - $300/year
    A Volunteer helps spread the word about the mission of the organization. As the program grows, West iNd Volunteers will have additional opportunities to create good vibes by participating in community outreach and volunteering.

    Champion $50/month - $600/year
    Become a Champion for West iNd Connection! As the program grows, West iNd Champions will have additional opportunities to do outreach, lead West Ind Volunteer activities and event ticket sales.

    Friend $100/month - $1200/year
    Your passion for the community will amplify West iNd's ability to make big things happen in Independence. Amplify your role in our outreach, fundraising and advocacy efforts.

    To review the full list of benefits, please visit patreon.com/westindconnection or click the Patreon logo below to become a patron today. 

    If you or your company would like to make a one-time donation, we are also pleased to offer this option with three (3) levels of support and various benefits per level. 


    501(c)(3) status EIN: 83-0746871