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    The Sermon & Anderson Mural

    "Roger "T." Sermon, Jr., and his partner Mitch Anderson, dba. Sermon-Anderson Inc., offered one of the most elegant interior design show-rooms in the Midwest beginning in 1949. They started with a loan from Sermon's father, a former, longtime Independence mayor. Local millionaire Blevins Davis, "put them on the map" with many extravagant orders for their decorating services. In 1969, they replaced the façade of a 1928 bungalow in the Englewood shopping district of Independence, Missouri, with a 3-story brick Butler building. The entrance hall is lined in rare, pecky cypress; an upstairs room is comprised of imported, antique English paneling. They entertained wealthy customers and Hollywood celebs through teh 1980's. "T" sold antiques there into the early 1990s. Mitch died 18 Jan. 1990; "T" died 28 Mar. 1998. " - Taken from "Changing Times, Almanac and Digest of Kansas City's LGBTQIA History" by David W. Jackson

    There's not a lot of info about Sermon & Anderson. This mural was a bold project by West iNd Connection with MU Extension, UMKC, and Englewood Arts to honor their legacy.

    Discovering Queer History in the Englewood Arts District compelled us to act and preserve it. We are grateful that David W. Jackson wrote "Changing Times", ensuring that this couple was documented, but being in an Arts District we wanted something bigger, bolder, something that made a visual statement for everyone to see, one they couldn't ignore.

    "T" and Mitch lived their lives together as a couple (as much as they could at the time) and contributed to the betterment of the community. However, in the limited documentation, it seemed that the fact they were a couple was getting overlooked. This mural is a celebration of Sermon & Anderson as the two individuals committed to each other in love and their beautiful business they created together. 

    About the Artist:

    We hope that serves as a place to be able to document stories about Sermon & Anderson. As we find them we will put them here. If you have a story about them please email us at westindconnection@gmail.com.